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running away is what i do for a living/i’m sick of it.

i tried to recall the beginning of it all; the reason i chose this topic. i said i had forgotten but i realised i didn’t. it was meaningful to me. it was important. i wanted to deal with it and deal with the problems that had been bugging me for years. but all that i have done to deal with it is to not deal with it. i thought about coursework. i’m glad i did it although i never showed it to him. at the very least in the process, i came to terms with the fact that one day he will leave. i want to believe what i’m doing now is meaningful as well. thus i have decided to treat it as another coursework. i will think of it as art and work on it as design. it will be a diary of a certain sort, a book, a publication, chaptered into my personal experiences relating to communication within a family. mine. through the use of analogy and puns in writing and design. i want this project to be an intimate conversation with my audience. there are too many things that i cannot change completely, but i could at least make people rethink and relook. even if this is in vain, at least i might be able to open up my heart to it then.


Written by mudskipper01

December 28, 2009 at 1:43 AM

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